Pluggerz All-Fit Travel Earplugs (NRR 23.4-30.4)

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Pluggerz Travel earplugs help protect your ears during travel in two important ways:
  • Cut Noise Fatigue
  • Reduces Pressure Pain
Pluggerz Travel earplugs can make travel far more comfortable. Pressure changes from flying -- or even from elevation changes while driving -- can be irritating or downright painful for your ears. Pluggerz Travel earplugs feature a unique filter that not only blocks noise, but also regulates pressure. This provides relief from airplane pressure changes. Noise is also a major annoyance: roaring engines, clattering wheels, passenger chatter, crying infants, and airplane cabin noise can all turn travel into an energy-draining terror. Exposure to these overwhelming travel sounds can cause noise fatigue. (This is just as true for subway and train commuters as it is for frequent flyers!) Wearing Pluggerz Travel earplugs can help reduce all that noise, so you can arrive at your destination feeling calmer and more well-rested. Pluggerz Travel earplugs are made of soft anti-allergenic silicone material that fits smoothly and snugly inside the ear canal to create a good seal against noise. These reusable ear plugs are designed to stand up to frequent use. A handy pouch is included for easy storage and travel. Wash with warm water and soap to extend the lifespan of these reusable ear plugs. Need travel earplugs for the kids ages 4 to 14? Try Pluggerz All-Fit Travel KIDS earplugs. You May Like: More Earplugs for Flying & Travel
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