Earphones for Sleeping and Pillow Speakers

If you like to listen to music while you drift off to dreamland, then earphones for sleeping are exactly what you need. These earphones for sleeping are designed with two main features in mind: comfort, and staying put while you sleep. These earphones generally feature very thin speakers and are comfortable enough even for side-sleepers to wear all night -- and unlike other earbuds, these sleeping earphones won't fall off or get lost during the night.

If you sleep with a snoring bed partner, in a shared dorm room, in a noisy apartment, or if you just can't fall asleep without your favorite music to soothe you, earphones for sleeping are the perfect solution.

Check it out: We also offer pillow speakers! These slim speakers fit right inside your pillow case, letting you turn your favorite comfy pillow into your own personal speaker for all-night listening. Pillow speakers are great for music and even better for listening to sound-blocking white noise.

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