Ear protection for swimming, surfing, and bathing comes in four varieties:
Tip: Add a swimming ear band to your child's moldable ear plugs for the best protection from water for kids with ear tubes.

It is critical to keep water from getting into the inner ear which can lead to swimmers ear, surfers ear and general ear infections. For adults who use swimming or surfing earplugs frequently, professional lab custom swimming earplugs are highly recommended, because they last the longest and fit the best -- but of course these are also the most expensive. Moldable swim plugs are generally better for kids because these ear plugs are not inserted into the ear canal, which means these plugs will still fit as your kids grow.

Information About Ear Plugs for Surfing
Water ear plugs for surfing and other cold water, high-wind water sports must be chosen carefully. Surfing ear plugs need to have a low NRR so you can hear what's going on around you, and they must fit very well to keep both cold water and wind out of the ear to prevent sufer's ear.
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