Custom Swimming Ear Plugs

Custom swimming ear plugs are the very best ear plugs for swimming because of their superior fit, remarkable durability and lifespan, and excellent ability to seal water out of the ear canals. Each pair of custom molded swimming ear plugs is made from impressions taken of your ears to fit you and you alone. As such, custom swimming ear plugs require you to mail us impressions of your ears. Ear impressions are simple to make, and we offer a Do-It-Yourself Impression Kit available with every custom ear plug purchase so you can make your own ear impressions at home if you wish. Alternatively, you may visit your local audiologist to have ear impressions made for a fee. Either way is fine with us. Using your impressions, custom earmold lab technicians will craft a set of custom swim plugs that will fit your ears perfectly and provide you with the very best comfort and water blocking capabilities you can get from an ear plug for swimming. Professional full custom swimming ear plugs are expensive. For every-day swimmers and surfers, they are essential - but if you only swim occasionally, you may want to try other less expensive ear plugs for swimming first, before you take the dive into the world of full custom ear plugs. We generally recommend custom molded swimming ear plugs for adults. Children grow too quickly (which causes the size and shape of the ear canal to change) for custom swimming plugs to be a reasonable option in most cases. For kids, we highly recommend moldable ear plugs and a swimming ear band for protection from water.
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