Headband Style Ear Muffs

Headband Ear Muffs, Folding Headband Ear Muffs, and Multi-Position Headband Ear Muffs Ear muffs for hearing protection are available in a number of styles including Standard Headband, Folding Headband, and Multi-Position Ear Muffs. (We have Hard Hat and Neckband styles available in our Ear Muffs for Hat Wearers Department). Ear muffs work best with a standard or folding headband, so unless you need to use your ear muffs with a hat or other headgear, we recommend a headband model. Traditional headband models (no folding, single position) are the sturdiest and best choice for frequent wear. Folding headband style earmuffs are more expensive and more likely to break, but they offer excellent portability and easy storage. Multi-Position headband style ear muffs are the perfect choice if you will occasionally be wearing your ear muffs with a hat, or if you prefer to wear the band under the chin or behind the head. Tip: Combine heavy-duty passive ear muffs with a good pair of foam ear plugs to achieve the highest NRR possible!
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