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MRI Safe Pro-Ears Ultra Pro Premium Ear Muffs (NRR 30)

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NOTE: Before ordering this product, please follow this link to important information about bringing your own hearing protector to your scan appointment: MRI Safe and What it Means for Your Upcoming MRI Procedure... Pro-Ears Ultra Pro are not recommended for MRI procedures that require the use of a head coil (as used in brain scans), because these large ear muffs will not fit inside the head coil. Pro-Ears MRI Safe Ultra Sleek are the thinnest MRI Safe ear muffs available (See and order below. Sleek will also fit babies up to average sized adults), so if Sleek muffs will not work, you will need to use ear plugs for your procedure instead. For scans not involving the head, Pro-Ears Ultra Pro ear muffs are a great choice. Pro-Ears Ultra Pro ear muffs are an excellent choice for MRI patients to wear during loud, irritating, and sometimes frightening MRI scans, offering the greatest amount of hearing protection currently available in an MRI Safe ear muff, plus a super comfortable fit. Pro-Ears Ultra Pro Premium Ear Muffs feature a high NRR rating (NRR 30) suitable for protection from hazardous noise up to 115 dB! The Pro-Form Leather ear seals and generously padded headband make Pro-Ears Ultra Pro ear muffs comfortable to wear for extended periods. Pro-Ears Ultra Pro ear muffs cost more than ordinary ear muffs, but once you put them on, you will know why they are worth the little extra they cost. CE Certified. Replacement ear pads are available to keep your Pro-Ears Ultra Pro ear muffs in perfect conditions for years of comfortable safety in the noisiest environments. More MRI Safe Ear Muffs from Pro Ears