Pro Ears (Altus Brands)

Pro Ears by Altus Brands offers the ultimate in hearing protective electronic and passive ear muffs, including some of the highest rated ear muffs made anywhere in the world today. With Pro Ears you can choose from models made specifically for industry, sport shooting, military and police work, as well as general noise protection. The Pro Ears line of ear muffs for industry includes models that offer some of the highest noise reduction available in any ear industrial ear muff. The general noise protection ear muffs from Pro Ears include passive ear muffs that are ideal for every member of the family from adults down to babies under 1 year old! And the Pro Ears sport models are world class in features and options, with a wide range of color choices to meet most any preferences you may have. With Pro Ears, you can be confident you have the best hearing protective ear muffs money can buy.

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