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MRI Safe Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Headband Ear Muffs (NRR 26)

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NOTE: Before ordering this product, please follow this link to important information about bringing your own hearing protector to your scan appointment: MRI Safe and What it Means for Your Upcoming MRI Procedure... NOTE: Pro-Ears Ultra Sleek may not work for MRI procedures that require the use of a head coil (as used in brain scans), because the ear muffs may not fit inside the head coil. Before ordering this product, please discuss with the MRI scan center staff where you have your appointment, to determine if a head coil will be used and if so, if the ear muffs will fit inside the head coil. Pro-Ears Ultra Sleek ear muffs will add approximately 12 centimeters to the width of your head. Pro-Ears Ultra Sleek are the thinnest MRI Safe ear muffs available, so if they will not work, you will need to use ear plugs for your procedure instead. For scans not involving the head, Pro-Ears Ultra Sleek ear muffs are a great choice. Pro Ears Ultra Sleek ear muffs are a very high quality passive (non-electronic) hearing protector best suited for low to moderate noise activities and environments. These ear muffs deliver NRR 26 protection from noise, which is an excellent balance between solid hearing protection and the ability to still hear important warning sounds around you. As the name suggests, the Pro Ears Ultra Sleek is designed to be low-profile. The Ultra Sleek features Pro Ears' thinnest and most lightweight ear cups, leaving the wearer with plenty of mobility and freedom. At only 7.1oz, the Ultra Sleek is an excellent choice for comfortable wear, even for long hours at a time. CE Certified. These ear muffs are also an excellent choice for teens, smaller adults and women who may find other ear muffs to be too heavy or bulky to be comfortable. More MRI Safe Ear Muffs from Pro Ears