Motorcycle Ear Plugs

No matter what kind of motorcycle you ride, if you're a biker, you need hearing protection - period. Of course you want to be able to hear the throaty rumble of your engine, but that noise plus the constant roar of wind noise can quickly deteriorate your hearing. Fortunately, there are more choices for motorcycle hearing protection today than ever before, and we have gathered all our best motorcycle ear plugs here to make finding the right protection simple. We offer several types of motorcycle ear plugs. The simplest solution is a trusty pair of foam ear plugs, which are comfortable, inexpensive, and provide great protection from noise. Next, our reusable motorcycle ear plugs are durable and long-lasting, they don't have stems or flanges that will interfere with wearing the ear plugs under your helmet, and they provide enough hearing protection to crush that constant rush of wind noise, but not enough to interfere with the situational awareness you need to stay safe on the road. And if you ride daily or frequently do long-distance runs on your bike, you will love our professional lab full custom motorcycle ear plugs - the very best motorcycle ear plugs available for serious riders. If you find most off the shelf ear plugs uncomfortable or ineffective, but are not ready to shell out the big bucks for full custom ear plugs, give our moldable silicone or wax ear plugs a try, or even better, make your own custom ear plugs using our do-it-yourself custom ear plug kits. For a great set of high noise earphones, check out PlugFones MotorHead, or SensorCom Microbuds. Both give you noise protection with the ability to pipe comms or music to your ears while riding. Not sure what to choose, or need something you don't see here? - we are here to help!
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