Schools face a daunting array of challenges including protecting the fragile ears of students (and staff!) Children today are listening to music practically non-stop, so when they show up for a music lesson, band practice, or shop skills class, they may already have suffered a damaging dose of noise, adding to the epidemic of NIHL (noise induced hearing loss) we are seeing in young people across the world today. At Ear Plug Superstore, we have the tools you need to protect your student's hearing, as well as teach healthy listening habits. And to help you meet the increasingly strict privacy rules, we offer world-class speech privacy systems made for that specific purpose, and at budget-friendly prices. If you need help choosing the right hearing protection or privacy solutions for your staff or students, we are here to help: . TIP: Our Got Ears?® Ultra Lightweight Disposable Stereo Headphones are budget friendly, and for the price, surprisingly high quality headphones that are ideal for schoolroom applications.
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