Ear Plugs for Children

Ear plugs for children are a great solution for kids ages 3 and up to protect their little ears from water and sound. Here, you will find only those ear plugs which have been specifically designed to fit children's smaller ears. These child ear plugs are especially excellent for protection from water, especially when combined with a swimming ear band. Moldable swimming ear plugs for children worn under a swimming ear band are the very best solution for protecting kids with ear tubes during swimming and bathing. (Ear plugs may even be the right solution for kids under 3 with ear tubes; please consult with your child's doctor for specific instructions regarding infant ear care and ear plugs.)

Always remember to provide adult supervision whenever young children use ear plugs, as these small plugs can become a potential choking hazard. For protection from noise for younger kids, we highly recommend ear muffs for children, which are impossible to swallow and suitable for protecting even very young infants from loud noises.

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