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Killnoise Musician and Concert Ear Plugs (1 Pair w/ Premium Carry Pouch)

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Killnoise is imported from Sweden and distributed worldwide by Ear Plug Superstore. Killnoise Earplugs for Music and Noise block only the dangerous and damaging noises, while letting through the sounds one wants to hear. This makes it possible to talk in loud and noisy environments while wearing Killnoise Ear Plugs. As a result, Killnoise ear plugs are ideal for performing live music, attending concerts, going clubbing, travel, and daily wear by those with sound sensitivity. Killnoise earplugs come with a specially designed storage pouch that easily fits in pocket or purse or attaches to key chains and neck cords in a wide range of designer colors to suit your personal preference. Available in a small size that fits most children from about 5 up to adults with small ear canals, and a large size that fits adults with average to large ear canals.

Killnoise Musician's Ear Plug Features:

  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • Durable and long lasting with proper care
  • Soft and gentle to the ear for maximum comfort even for long periods
  • Translucent for inconspicuous wear in public
  • NRR 9dB designed to let you hear voices and music without distortion, while protecting your hearing from dangerously loud sounds. Recommended for concerts, nightclubs, theatres, gyms, motor sports and while traveling.
  • CE-certified, recyclable and hypo-allergenic.
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