Mack's Kid Size Soft Moldable Silicone Ear Plugs (NRR 22) (Pack of 6 Pairs)

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Mack's Kid Size Soft Moldable Silicone Earplugs are just the ticket for inexpensive protection from swimmer's ear and to protect kids with ear tubes. The hot orange color makes it easier to see if they still have them in and easier to find if they fall out! Mack's keep water out and let the child still hear most of what is going on around them (so they can still hear you when you yell at them in the pool...). With an NRR of 22, they are also a good option for protecting your kid's sensitive hearing from the loud places you take them, including concerts, car and motorcycle races, workplaces, and airplanes. On airplanes, these versatile plugs can be used to seal the ears before takeoff to prevent or reduce the pain from rapid pressure changes during flight. Mack's can be used for children of any age. For adults and children over 6, try the adult sized Mack's. Includes six pairs of Mack's Kid Size Silicone Ear Plugs plus a handy free carrying case. Tip: We highly recommend that kids wear a swimming ear band over moldable ear plugs as an added layer of security. This helps keep children from picking at their ear plugs and helps keep them snugly in place. Related Items
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