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Commercial Speech Privacy Systems

Commercial noise masking & speech privacy systems are often the best solution when you want to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information being discussed in your facility, or just reduce the distraction of unwanted noise. We offer several practical, cost-effective white noise machines that will do exactly what you need. Not all white noise generators and machines are equal, and choosing the wrong kind of white noise machine can cause more problems for your organization than it will solve. For one to three offices, for hallways up to 50 feet and/or to treat distraction in a few cubicles, we recommend Sonet QT™. For more than 3 offices, for open areas over 500 square feet, we recommend QT™ Systems. Tip: If you just need a little sound masking in a small suite of offices such as in a clinical practice, consider the Marpac Dohm or the new LectroFan® Digital Fan and White Noise machine. We have lots of clinicians who find they work great in waiting and exam rooms.