High Noise Comm Headsets for Two-Way Radios

2-Way Radio Communication Headsets for Use With External Radios facilitate safe 2-way radio communications in high-noise environments, and each headset includes both a microphone and an input jack to connect with your current 2-way radio (proper adapter cables are generally required and sold separately.) These high noise headsets are the ideal solution for very loud environments in which members of a team of two or more need to maintain communications beyond face-to-face (normal speech) range, and still have continuous protection from hazardous environmental noise. Two-way radio communications headsets are a necessity in police and military work, as well as in many construction, industrial maintenance, and other settings. Whatever 2-way radio + hearing protection solution you need, we are here to help: Note that all of these headsets require you to have your own separate, external 2-way radio. For electronic comms ear muffs with built-in 2-way radio, please see our 2-Way Communication Ear Muffs with Built-In Radio.
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