Custom Isolation Earphones and Musicians Monitors

Our custom molded musicians monitors are all made in our various professional earmold laboratories, and all require that you must provide us with an impression of each ear for which you need a product made. These ear impressions allow us to provide a full custom fit: these monitors are professionally molded to perfectly fit your unique ears. That custom fit provides superb sound quality, comfort, and some blocking of outside noises for even clearer hearing. These are the in-ear monitors serious musicians use.

Getting impressions of your ears for custom musicians monitors is not hard. In the past, getting an ear impression required a visit to an audiologist or other medical professional. We still encourage anyone with concerns to get their impressions made that way, but nearly all of our custom molded products come with our unique do-it-yourself custom impression kit, allowing you to make your own ear impressions in the comfort of your own home. (Or you can find an audiologist in your area.)

Note that custom musicians monitors are essentially top-quality custom made earphones. As such, they are also excellent for the most demanding music lovers, providing the very best listening experience possible from an earphone, period. For professional musicians and audiophiles, we recommend at least dual driver earphones, but even the single driver challengers and other single driver earphones will satisfy all but the most discerning listeners. For more information on the impression process, see our Custom Fitting Procedure for details. Questions? Drop us a line: .

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