Westone Elite Series ES20 Custom In-Ear Monitors

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Westone ES20 custom in-ear monitor earphones provide exceptional sound, a superb custom fit, and 25dB of noise blocking. The ES20 features dual drivers to let you catch the finest highs, full-bodied mids, and deep resonant bass. The ES20 is an excellent mid-budget dual driver in-ear monitor for performers, and a fantastic earphone for music lovers. The ES20 is equipped with dual drivers in each ear. And with a custom fit molded to your unique ears, that high quality sound is channeled right into your ear drums. With 25dB of sound blocking, you can focus on your music or mixer feed no matter what the rest of the band -- or the noisy world around you -- is doing, or how loudly they're doing it. And the same noise blocking that lets you focus on your music also helps to protect your ears from amp stacks, screaming fans, or even your own instrument (props to the drummers out there -- protect your ears even at practice, guys!). Not only do Westone ES20 custom earphones offer a fantastic fit, but they're also epically customizable: you can choose a body color and a faceplate for each ear to create your perfect custom in-ear monitors. Feel like translucent neon green with urban skull house art? You got it. Or try metallic gray with silver carbon faceplates. Or skulls. Or rosewood. Express yourself, and experience clear, articulate sound. The ES20 is a win-win. A note on Laser Etching: Laser Etching is ONLY available for Reflections Faceplates. If you order Reflections Faceplates with Laser Etching, please specify the Laser Etching pattern you would like for EACH ear (they do not have to be the same) in the comments box during checkout. Tip: If you commute on a bus or subway, ES20 custom earphones, with their 25dB of sound blocking, present an excellent way to listen to your iPod, smart phone, or tablet on the go. The sound blocking means you can hear your music clearly, even at a lower volume. Love your ears. BlueTooth® Available! Get a MMCX Audio™ Full-Resolution BlueTooth® Cable (sold separately) and you can set yourself free. Listen to music wirelessly from up to 10m (over 32 feet!) away from your device via BlueTooth® 4.0. Westone Elite Series ES20 Technical Specifications:
Sensitivity: 119 dB @ 1mW
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 18 kHz
Impedance: 27 ohms @ 1kHz
Driver: Dual balanced armature drivers with a passive crossover
Cable: Westone EPIC removable cable Includes:
Deluxe monitor case, cleaning tool, desiccant drying compound, cleaning cloth, Oto-Ease, user's manual and 2-year warranty. Why Choose Westone In-Ear Monitors? Watch the Video: See Also

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