Custom Molds for Earphones and In-Ear Devices

In-ear earphones or headphones, also referred to as isolation earphones, and musician monitors, have nearly taken over the music listening marketplace. Offering portability, easy storage, isolation from surrounding noise and extraordinary sound quality, in-ear listening devices represent a ground-breaking trend in high fidelity music enjoyment for music lovers.

Professional musicians enjoy all these benefits in the monitors they wear on stage, plus their monitors are custom made to fit them perfectly. And while full custom musician's monitors are available to anyone, their prices can be prohibitive for casual music fans.

Isolation earphones usually come with replaceable ear tips in several sizes. If you are one of the 20% or so of users who cannot get a good fit from the included tips, you may need custom molds for your earphones. For you, we offer a number of add-on custom molded ear tips you can use to make your off-the-shelf in-ear earphones or other earpieces fit as well as the full custom molded in-ear monitors used by the stars. Whatever in-ear device you have, we can almost certainly make a custom mold that will convert it from universal to personal fit. If you do not find a custom mold listed for your device, please get in touch. We will be happy to help:
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