Mack's Ear Dryer

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Discount pricing is available for quantity purchases of this item. To request a quote: email . It's important to ensure your ear canals are dry and warm after swimming and bathing, and the Mack's Ear Dryer provides a safe, all-natural way to get your ears dry and warm. The Ear Dryer was developed by an ENT doctor. This handy little device quickly and safely dries your ears with a gentle flow of warm air, helping to avoid bacterial and fungal infections, and reducing the likelihood of getting swimmer's ear, all in about 85 seconds. Airflow speeds, air temperature, cycle time, and noise volume are all carefully controlled so the Mack's Ear Dryer is totally safe for your ears -- and for your kids! Perfect for family time at the pool, or anywhere you or your children enjoy swimming. Ditch the drops, and use your Mack's Ear Dryer instead! The easy-to-use design folds up for quick bathroom storage or easy transportation in your pool tote, diaper bag, purse, gym bag, or pocket.  
Tip: The Mack's Ear Dryer is also a great choice for anyone who uses custom molded ear plugs or hearing aids -- just use the Ear Dryer after removing your custom-fitted earpieces to prevent problems caused by built-up moisture in the ear canal.
Inserting the Batteries Correctly Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). UPC: 0 33732 00748 1
MFG Part #: 748 See Also
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