Electronic Ear Plugs

Electronic Ear Plug Features:
  • Smart Protection - Protection that changes as your ambient sound environment changes. Electronic ear plugs can "listen" to the sounds around you, provide automatic protection from sudden impact noises (such as gunshots or cymbal crashes), or even slowly turn up a lower NRR of protection in response to background noise gradually increasing to a hazardous level. Electronic ear plugs help you get exactly the protection you need from one moment to the next, without you ever needing to remove or fiddle with your ear plugs.
  • Hearing Clarity and Amplification - Hear better while wearing ear plugs! Our electronic ear plugs all provide two modes for enhanced auditory perception. Natural hearing mode allows the user to hear what's going on around her just as if she were not wearing ear plugs at all (until a dangerous sound occurs). Amplification mode actually makes safe sounds such as voices, game sound, your range instructor's commands, or bird song from that tree across the field louder, playing the amplified sounds through tiny speakers in your ears. The smart hearing protection only kicks in to block noise when it's needed.
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