Etymotic HD-15 High-Definition Electronic Ear Plugs

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Etymotic HD-15™ High-Definition Electronic Ear Plugs for Workers and Industry

Etymotic HD-15 Electronic Ear Plugs are a powerful new in-ear device that provides hearing protection from both dangerous, sudden impact noises and from loud continuous noises. These electronic ear plugs also deliver impressive amplification of safe, ambient noises such as voices. Etymotic HD-15 Electronic Ear Plugs bring many of the advanced hearing protection benefits commonly found in high-end electronic shooter's ear muffs to construction and industry workers, in a low-profile, in-ear earplug design. The HD-15 is perfect for providing necessary hearing protection from constant, loud background noise as well as sudden, very loud impact noises, without diminishing the safety and situational awareness required on the job.

One of the most powerful features the HD-15 provides is a cutting-edge Dual-Mode Switch that allows you to literally flip a switch to toggle between two different modes of electronic hearing protection. The result is an electronic ear plug that provides a perfect balance of protection from loud constant background noise and extreme impact noises, along with natural sound hearing and hearing enhancement -- and with the Dual-Mode Switch, you can customize your hearing protection on the fly. The HD-15 will allow you to adapt your hearing protection to suit virtually any situation, from the factory floor to the construction site.

The Etymotic HD-15 offers two modes of hearing protection:

  • In On-Demand Hearing Protection (LO) Mode, the HD-15 allows for natural hearing when the sound levels around you are safe. This means you can hear sounds naturally and communicate clearly. However, when background noise such as vehicles, machinery, power tools, or construction equipment exceeds safe levels, 15dB of noise reduction automatically activates to protect you from those constant, loud noises. And when a sudden, extremely loud noise occurs, impact noise protection kicks in with even more noise reduction, providing full NRR 25 protection.
  • In Hearing Enhancement (HI) Mode, impact noise protection still kicks in when a sudden, loud impact noise occurs. But the major advantage of HI mode is the hearing enhancement it provides: the HD-15 amplifies quiet, ambient noises such as distant alarms and voices by 6dB -- up to 5x! The benefits are clear: enhanced hearing, clearer communications, and improved situational awareness and overall safety, even in the noisiest of working environments.

The Etymotic HD-15 also uses ACCU·Technology: high-definition balanced-armature drivers, high-sensitivity microphones, and proprietary wide-dynamic-range compression K·AMP® signal processing truly put these electronic ear plugs in a class of their own.

Etymotic HD-15 Electronic Ear Plugs are designed especially for contractors, safety inspectors, heavy machine operators, warehouse personnel, construction crews, woodworkers, mechanics, and carpenters. Whether you're a factory worker, a bulldozer operator, or just someone who spends every spare moment in your personal workshop, the HD-15 is an ideal choice for protection from constant, hazardous background sound and suddent impact noises, with the added enormous benefits of hearing amplification, improved situational awareness, clearer communications, and better overall safety for you (and those around you).

HD-15 Electronic Ear Plugs come with a good assortment of medical-grade ACCU·Fit™ ear tips so you can get an effective seal and comfortable fit. One #10 hearing aid battery in each ear plug (included) provides about 300 hours of continuous use.

Etymotic HD-15 High-Definition Electronic Ear Plug features:

  • Hearing enhancement
  • Amplifies up to 5X
  • Two modes of hearing protection
  • Automatic hearing protection when
    background noise exceeds safe levels
  • Allows natural hearing
  • Facilitates clear communications and
    improved situational awareness
  • High-definition sound quality
  • NRR = 25 dB
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • ACCU·Technology™

What you'll find in the box:

  • 1 pair electronic earplugs
  • Assortment of medical-grade ACCU·Fit™ ear tips
  • Durable neck cord
  • Filter tool and ACCU·Filters™
  • Cleaning brush tool
  • Batteries (#10 hearing aid battery)
  • Protective case
  • User manual


The Etymotic HD-15 is quite similar to two other models of electronic ear plugs from Etymotic: the GSP-1 and the GSP-15. The difference is that the HD-15 is optimized for workers, while the GSP series is designed for hunters and shooters. The GSP-1 is exclusively recommended for shooting, as it provides blast protection and hearing amplification, but no protection from ongoing background noise. The GSP-15 is quite similar to the HD-15, providing blast protection as well as automatic protection from continuous, loud background noises, making it ideal for shooting at ranges and in other noisy settings. All three models of these cutting-edge electronic ear plugs from Etymotic employ similar technology and implement the Dual-Mode Switch system. If you are interested in hearing protection for hunting and shooting, check out the GSP-15 (for blast + constant background noise protection).

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