Opsmen Earmor M20 Electronic Earplugs (NRR 22)

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In-Ear Hearing Protection + Amplification for Shooting & Communications Opsmen Earmor M20 Electronic Earplugs are an in-ear electronic hearing protector designed to protect against both steady-state and impulse noise while simultaneously allowing clear, enhanced hearing of safe ambient sounds. NRR 22 noise blocking provides hearing protection ideal for intermittent gunfire and other blast noise. Communicate clearly, shoot and move freely, and stay defended from hazardous noise with this super low-profile, lightweight piece of tactical hearing protection gear. With two modes, indoor and outdoor, the M20 is ideal for a range of high-noise environments and applications such as law enforcement, shooting training, industry and manufacturing, and a wealth of other high-noise environments where communications are essential. A long battery life and an innovative charging case complete the kit. Available in three colors: Tactical Black, Foliage Green, and Coyote Brown. Improved Perception & Clear Communications Hear better with Opsmen M20 Electronic Earplugs than you currently can with your empty ears. These in-ear earpieces amplify safe ambient sounds according to one of two modes - indoor and outdoor - to improve perception. Enhance your situational awareness and stay completely aware of your target and your surroundings at the same time, all while keeping your ears defended against damaging blast noise. Hearing protection for shooters is non-optional, but it doesn't have to dull your perceptions. The Opsmen Earmor M20 lets you leverage your ear defenders to improve your hearing, enhance your awareness, and allow for clear communications and conversations in any environment, including high-noise. The Opsmen Earmor M20 is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications including shooting classes and firearms training, law enforcement, construction, and manufacturing. Passive Sound Reduction & Active Blast Noise Blocking Opsmen Earmor M20 Electronic Ear Plugs provide hearing protection suitable for a wide range of applications in high-noise environments where clear hearing and communications are necessary and blast noise presents a significant challenge. Earmor M20 Earplugs help to help reduce noise, both continuous and impulse. They automatically suppress hazardous noises over 82dB, with a good noise reduction rating of NRR 22. The M20 presents an excellent balance between a hyper-light form factor and a full suite of essential features. The NRR 22 sound blocking is excellent for intermittent shooting and noise interspersed with conversation and other activity. For long sessions of uninterrupted heavy weapons fire or other extremely loud noise, use the M20 worn underneath virtually any set of active or passive ear muffs, leveraging that dual protection to ensure your ears stay defended. Ultra Lightweight, Compact In-Ear Design The Opsmen M20 brings the features and quality of the Earmor line of electronic shooter's hearing protection into a hyper compact form factor that is comfortable, easier to wear, and more efficient than ever. The Opsmen Earmor M20 has a new in-ear fit that replaces an over-the-ear earmuff design with a tiny in-the-ear-canal design that fits inside the ears. These electronic earplugs protect against noise, amplify ambient sound, and defend your ears in a variety of challenging high-noise environments without weighing you down or inhibiting movement or aiming in any way. Ideal for those who need or want to wear specific hats, helmets, or other headgear, and for individuals working in high-heat environments. Three different sizes of eartips are included to ensure you can get a good fit that stays securely and comfortably in the ear. An optional silicone retention cord is the only thing connecting the earplugs outside your ears. The cord helps prevent loss and dropping. Even so, the M20 Electronic Earplug is designed for durability. IPX-4 water resistance ensures that even in bad weather these hearing protectors will last, performing reliably to keep your ears safe and your hearing precise and accurate. Powerful Battery Life + Charging Case The Opsmen M20 features a high 8-hour battery life, with a low battery reminder to ensure you're always in the know. A 2 hours standby with auto shutoff preserves battery life. The included charging case allows for recharging on the go, and the process is fast and smooth- no opening earpieces to switch out fiddly batteries. The earpieces also shut off automatically after charging. Full of smart hands-off features that keep your battery levels up, the M20 electronic earplugs are convenient to use and easy to keep charged. The Opsmen M20's compatibility, portability, and comfort are complimented by its incredibly simple one-button controls. Power and toggle modes with a touch so you can stay focused on what matters. Charging case with charging cable included. What's in the Box
  • 1 Pair Opsmen Earmor M20 Electronic Earplugs
  • 3 Pairs of Eartips & Earpiece Covers - Small, Medium, Large
  • Silicone Retention Cord
  • Charging Case
  • Data/Charging Cable
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