Saf-T-Ear ERSTE-BUDS Safety Buds Electronic Hearing Protection (NRR 25)

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Saf-T-Ear Buds: Electronic Hearing Protection + Safe Sound Amplification Saf-T-Ear BUDS Electronic Ear Plugs provide hearing protection as well as amplification of safe ambient sounds, at an affordable entry-level price. The wireless design allows for full freedom of movement for enhanced mobility - and safety - in the workplace. The earbuds are comfortable and lightweight for easy use and minimal fatigue even after a full workday. Saf-T-Ear Safety Buds provide up to 25dB of noise reduction, making them ideal for a wide range of noisy applications including power tools, mowing and landscaping, and operating heavy machinery. At the same time, safe sounds are amplified by up to 5x, allowing you to stay in touch with your surroundings. When working with high-powered machinery, tools, and other industrial equipment, this situational awareness dramatically increases overall safety. Three sets of foam ear tips are included. These earplug tips are responsible for blocking sound, and getting a good fit with a good seal against noise is essential to protecting your hearing. Multiple sizes of foam tips and flexible wings are provided so you can get a customized, effective, comfortable fit. Batteries included. UPC 846430002340 See Also
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