3M Peltor EEP-100 Electronic Earplugs (NRR 23-27)

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Hearing Protection + Situational Awareness for High-Noise Environments 3M Peltor EEP-100 Electronic Earplugs are a hearing protector that enable communication and situational awareness in hazardous high-noise environments. Their compact, lightweight, weather-resistant design makes these ear plugs effective in demanding environments and comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. One charge provides up to sixteen hours of continuous operation. The single-button controls are intuitive, and the choice of various included ear tips ensures you'll be able to get a good fit with the right amount of noise blocking for your noise-blocking needs. The rugged pocket-sized charging case allows for secure storage and charging on the go. Common Applications: Manufacturing & Industry, Maintenance, Construction, Shooting Volume Limiting: 82dB volume-limiting makes the EEP-100 suitable for OSHA-controlled workplaces 3M ID 70071730793
UPC 00051131277434 Sound Amplification 3M Peltor EEP-100 Electronic Ear Plugs feature built-in omni-directional microphones to pick up external sound, which is then amplified so the wearer can hear ambient noise, but at a safe level. This facilitates communication and helps preserve situational awareness, keeping the user more connected to their environment, and keeping them safer than traditional non-electronic hearing protection can. Internal volume is limited to a safe 82dB, which means users cannot damage their hearing with amplified sound. This keeps the EEP-100 in compliance for use in OSHA-controlled workplaces, making these electronic ear plugs ideal for workers in a variety of industries. Volume limiting means the EEP-100 remains safe to wear and listen to all day, every day. Noise Blocking: NRR 23-27 3M Peltor EEP-100 Electronic Earplugs provide moderate (NRR 23) to moderately-high (NRR 27) noise blocking, depending on which of the included tips you choose. (Skull Screws ear tips - sold separately - may also be used with the EEP-100 to increase the NRR to 30dB.) Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) testing in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974 standards. Easy to Wear & Easy to Use Ultra-lightweight design makes the EEP-100 comfortable to wear with little fatigue even after long hours of use. The extremely low-profile fit ensures the earpieces won't get in the way or obstruct your ability to wear hats and most PPE headgear. Streamlined one-button operation lets you power the earpieces on and off and adjust the volume all from a single intuitive button. Three volume steps provide your choice of listening at low, normal, or high volume. Rechargeable + Charging Case The 3M EEP-100 features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide an impressive 16 hours of continuous operation, so it can work as long and hard as you do. Recharge via the included pocket-sized charging case (approx 180 minutes charge time), which features a charging status indicator. Micro USB charging cable included. The charging case also features a rubber sealing ring to keep water out and your ear plugs clean and dry. Both the charging case and the earpieces are IP54 weather-resistant. Kit Includes
  • 2x EEP-100 Earpieces
  • Charging & Storage Case
  • 1x Pair of 3M UltraFit Large Tips
  • 1x Pair of 3M UltraFit Medium Tips
  • 1x Pair of 3M UltraFit Small Tips
  • 1x Pair of 3M PELTOR Triple C Tips
  • User Instructions
  • USB Charging Cable
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