Professional Lab Custom Molded Sleeping Ear Plugs

When it comes to ear plugs for sleeping, professional lab custom molded sleeping ear plugs are the best of the best. Comfort and a high NRR are critical when finding a good ear plug for blocking out noise and getting a good night's sleep. Professional lab custom molded ear plugs are specially made to fit your unique ears perfectly, making these custom plugs by far the most comfortable ear plugs for sleeping available. The custom ear plugs listed below on this page are ideal for sleeping because they feature a low profile design and a high NRR, along with the comfort of a full custom fit.

All custom molded plugs will require you to mail us impressions of your ears. Ear impressions are not hard to acquire; you may visit your local audiologist to have your impressions made for a fee, or you can choose the Do-It-Yourself Impression Kit option when you place your custom ear plug order to easily make your own ear impressions at home.

If you have already tried foam, moldable, and standard reusable plugs, and you simply cannot get the fit and noise blocking you need to sleep, or if you use ear plugs every single night and want to move to a more permanent ear plug solution, custom sleeping ear plugs may be the perfect choice for you.

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