Westone DefendEar Style 40 Custom-Fit Solid/Sleep Ear Plugs (NRR 24-29) (One Pair)

Item Code: lwestyle40custpr-999
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NOTE: This Product Requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit is available as an option, or you can obtain ear impressions locally. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product. Learn about Slick-Sil AntiMicrobial Coating. Highly Recommended... Learn about Standard Otoblast Silicone vs. Ultra-Soft W1 Silicone Westone Style 40 multipurpose ear plugs are an excellent choice for any high noise environment. The style 40 is very popular with shooting enthusiasts, heavy equipment operators, construction workers, and for those who must sleep with a snoring bed partner. Available as full-shell 40, full-shell shelled-out 40-6, half-shell 40-8, and canal only 40-4, our top recommended custom-fit sleep plug. Westone Model 40 multipurpose ear plugs are made of Silicone OtoBlast material unless otherwise requested. See Also:
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