Gyms and Exercise

We have heard from customers like you that they love the gym but hate the music. Enter, the solution: simple, inexpensive, easy to use, safe, and effective ear plugs. We suggest reusable ear plugs and no-roll earplugs instead of disposable foam ear plugs because the foam plugs tend to get soggy in a heavy workout situation. Here you will also find isolation earphones that are as great for use at the gym as they are for jogging, or even for use on your home treadmill. Many of our earphones block out noise in addition to playing music. And if wires are not your thing, grab a set of Bluetooth earphones from our music department below. You will find several in "earphones for work." If you are the gym manager, consider getting ear plugs you can give (or sell?) to your members. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness. We can even imprint them with your brand and location for a greater impact.
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