Westone TRU™ Musician Ear Plugs

These advanced acoustic filters let you accurately and clearly hear whatever you are listening to, but just at a reduced volume. The acoustic filters are also easily interchangeable so if you need more or less attenuation for another gig, all you do is swap the filters out and you are all set.

Westone TRU™ Professional Musician ear plugs are available in a full custom version and in a universal fit version. When you order the full custom version, you can choose which filters you want from the four options available. When you order the universal fit version, you have two choices: WM16 and WM25. Once you have your Westone TRU™ Professional Musician ear plugs, you can order additional filters if you wish. The filters are easily changed whether you have the full custom or universal fit version.

In addition to the professional musician ear plugs described above, Westone TRU is also available in a less expensive recreational version that is ideal for clubs, concerts, flying, sporting events and movies.
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