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Westone TRU™ Professional Universal Fit Musician Ear Plugs (NRR 2-16)

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Westone TRU™ Universal Fit Professional Musician Ear Plugs Features and Benefits:

  • Westone TRU™ Universal Fit Professional Musician ear plugs come with two sizes of ear plugs to fit almost everyone comfortably.
  • Available in two attenuation levels: WM16 (18dB average attenuation) and WM25 (24dB average attenuation)
  • Compatible with other TRU filters. Order additional filters separately below.
  • Upgradable to full custom ear plugs. To upgrade your Universal Fit TRU ear plugs, order the custom TRU ear plugs without filters below.
Westone TRU™ Professional Musician ear plugs offer a choice of two attenuation levels:
  • WM16 (18dB Average, NRR 7)
  • WM25 (24dB Average, NRR 16)
These advanced acoustic filters let you accurately and clearly hear whatever you are listening to, but just at a reduced volume. The acoustic filters are also easily interchangeable so if you need more or less attenuation for another gig, all you do is swap the filters out and you are all set.
Westone TRU™ Professional Musician ear plugs are available in a full custom version and in a universal fit version. (You can order the full custom version below.) When you order the universal fit version, you have two choices: WM16 and WM25. Once you have your Westone TRU™ Professional Musician ear plugs, you can order additional filters if you wish. The filters are easily changed whether you have the full custom or universal fit version. NOTE: It is common with musician ear plugs for the vendors to quote an "Average Attenuation" and this will always be higher than the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating.) The reason for this is that NRR is meant to help the user choose a hearing protector that will protect against hearing loss. Because the higher frequencies are more dangerous, the NRR is weighted so that it tells the user how effective the device will be mainly at the higher frequencies. Because musicians want to be able to hear the high notes as well as the low notes, the average attenuation gives a clearer picture of what the ear plugs will let you hear. In choosing a hearing protector when you are concerned about protecting your hearing, always refer to the NRR rather than to the average attenuation. The NRR will tell you how much protection against damage you are getting. The Average Attenuation will tell you how much the device will reduce the volume over all. Comes complete with two sets of ear plugs (one pair medium and one pair large), plus one pair of acoustic filters, carry case and instructions. Browse All TRU Products