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Westone TRU™ Recreational Universal Fit Musician Ear Plugs (NRR 12)

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Westone TRU™ Recreation Musician ear plugs feature an advanced acoustic filter that provides full frequency™ precision hearing protection. The WR20 acoustic filters provide an average of 20 dB of noise reduction and an NRR of 12, making TRU Recreation ear plugs a great choice for concerts, clubs, airline travel and motorcycling, as well as many other activities in which you need to be able to hear clearly, but where the volume is too high to listen comfortably. TRU™ Recreation just takes the "edge" off your noisy world without cutting you off from it, and lets you hear without distortion.

Westone TRU™ Universal Fit Recreational Musician Ear Plugs Features and Benefits:

  • Includes one pair of advanced WR20 Filters providing 20dB Average attenuation (NRR 12)
  • Two pairs of ear plugs are included, one pair medium and one pair large, to fit most people comfortably. Just choose the ear plugs that fit you best and install the included pair of WR20 filters.
  • Ear plugs are available in three designer colors.
  • Additional filters are user-changeable and available for order separately, letting you choose just the right level of attenuation you need for each venue.
  • Durable keychain carry case included.
  • Low profile design means they fit inconspicuously and even work under a motorcycle helmet.

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