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Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Premium Headband Ear Muffs (NRR 26)

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Pro Ears Ultra Sleek ear muffs are a very high quality passive (non-electronic) hearing protector best suited for low to moderate noise activities and environments. These ear muffs deliver NRR 26 protection from noise, which is an excellent balance between solid hearing protection and the ability to still hear important warning sounds around you. The Ultra Sleek is ideal for an afternoon at the shooting range -- and these ear muffs are equally great for both industrial and individual use (for example, while sand blasting or using a pressure washer). The Pro Ears Ultra Sleek sets itself apart from less expensive models of passive ear muffs primarily via rugged construction, ergonomic engineering, and superior comfort even during extended wear. With thick ProForm™ leather ear cushions and an adjustable headband, Pro Ears Ultra Sleek ear muffs provide an excellent seal against noise and excellent all-day comfort. As the name suggests, the Pro Ears Ultra Sleek is designed to be low-profile. The Ultra Sleek features Pro Ears' thinnest and most lightweight ear cups, leaving the wearer with plenty of mobility and freedom. At only 7.1oz, the Ultra Sleek is an excellent choice for all extended wear. These ear muffs are also an excellent choice for smaller adults and women who may find other ear muffs to be too heavy or bulky to be comfortable. Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Ear Muff Features:
  • Slimline, lightweight ear cups for a sleek fit
  • Rugged, adjustable, generously padded headband
  • Super lightweight construction at just 7.1oz
  • Plush ProForm™ leather ear cushions
  • Dielectric construction
  • NRR 26