InEarz Zen 4 Universal Fit In-Ear Monitors for Musicians

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InEarz Zen 4: Quad Driver Earphones with ADEL™ Technology for Rich, Satisfying Sound The InEarz Zen 4 is a quad-synced premium balanced armature earphone that brings both a breathtaking four-driver soundstage and InEarz's ADEL™ technology to a universal-fit in-ear headphone that's ready to use right out of the box. The hypoallergenic shell is 3D-printed for exacting performance and ergonomic shaping, for a fit that is always as smooth as the sound. Two types of ear tips in three different sizes ensure that the universal fitting experience is easy, and that the earphones are comfortable enough to wear all day or all night. With the Zen 4, you can enjoy the acclaimed in-ear musicians' monitor technology that required three industry leaders to collaborate in order to design and bring to life, a harmonious symphony of audio, electronics, and form - without requiring you to invest in a custom fit. InEarz are experts in top-tear custom in-ear musicians' monitors, and now, they their audiophile-quality sound is easier than ever to take advantage of. Universal Fit: Comfortable, No-Wait, No-Hassle Fit Previously, in order to enjoy the exquisite, high-quality ADEL™ Technology sound that InEarz can deliver, you had to purchase a full custom fitted model. This involved getting ear impressions made by an audiologist, shipping those impressions to the molding lab, and then waiting a few weeks before finally getting your custom-fitted earphones. And, granted, the fit is absolutely unparalleled. But to a lot of us, time and money are big factors. Now, the Zen 4 is breaking through that barrier, making the vaunted cutting-edge ADEL™ sound modules available in an off-the-shelf universal earphone. This is good news for both musicians seeking an in-ear monitor and for audiophiles working on a budget. The universal fit design has been crafted with great care, with each set of earphones being 3D printed for precise control. The material is smooth and hypoallergenic acrylic. Their shape mimics the organic shape of the outer ear canal. Add in the included foam and silicone ear tips, each of which comes in three sizes (small/medium/large), and which can block out up to 26dB of external noise for blissful sound isolation, and the Zen 2 lets you get a comfortable and effective customizable fit, right out of the box. The sound isolation both decreases the outside amount of interference you have to deal with, and increases the perceived quality of the sound that reaches your ear drums. More sound blocking, less sound leakage, more listening bliss. ADEL™ Technology: Less Volume, More Sound It may be obvious that in-ear earphones must create a good seal inside your ear canal to keep sound in; if a complete acoustic seal is not present, sound leaks out, and your listening experience suffers. But a properly sealed-off ear canal can also make its own problems. Greater volumes create amplified pneumatic pressures that can put thousands of times more stress on your eardrum than normal listening. Making matters worse, your ear responds to all the intense vibrations by trying to protect itself: all the muscles around your ear drum tighten, and the sound is dampened. Which means you turn your volume up. Which means your eardrums deal with more acoustic pressure. Which means you turn your volume up. It's a vicious cycle. ADEL™ Technology from InEarz breaks the chain. The ADEL™ module inside each earphone acts as a secondary eardrum, helping to take some of the stress off of your actual eardrum - while simultaneously controlling pneumatic pressure to deliver crisp, high-fidelity sound. ADEL™ captures all that clarity at a much lower volume than other earphones. Because ADEL™ mitigates your eardrum's need to dampen incoming vibrations, you can listen at a much lower volume while feeling like the volume has stayed the same. This is thanks to ADEL's ability to provide Enhanced Loudness Perception: the Zen 2 sounds better at a lower volume than other earphones do at their normal volume. And less stress on your eardrums means you can enjoy the very finest auditory experiences for many more years to come.

InEarz Zen 4 Sound Profile

The Zen 4 fully harnesses its quad drivers in order to deliver breathtaking sound with a very tall, deep soundstage. 4 balanced armatures (2 low, 1 mid, and 1 high) with 4-way crossover create a listening experience that is inviting, soothing, and enveloping. The overall sound signature of the Zen 4 is silky-smooth; all the mids are lush and stress-free. Those seeking a great deal of sparkle may find the treble to be slightly too smooth, without quite enough bite and air to satisfy. However, if a full and rich bass is what you crave, the Zen 4's enhanced bass, particularly its elevated midbass, is absolutely sure to please. The Zen 4 is a relaxing, fulfilling listen that really illuminates why InEarz calls these "Zen" to begin with. The Zen 4 features a single bore design which forces sound to follow a linear path to the eardrum, resulting in less resonance, less distortion, and more natural sound. A Note on ADEL™ Modules: The InEarz Zen 4 features the S1 Auto Module, which is the standard model InEarz uses on their high-end musicians' monitors by default. The dual membrane design absorbs pneumatic pressures for stunningly clear audio that makes lower volumes feel - and sound - so powerful. InEarz Zen 4 Technical Specifications What's in the Box InEarz Zen 4 in-ear monitors come with a suite of luxurious accessories that will help you enjoy, keep, and care for your high-end earphones. Included aluminum and canvas cases allow for your choice of storage and transportation methods. An executive leather cord-keeper adds extra style, flare, and functionality. And the included high fidelity stereo cable features gold-plated 2-pin connectors and a gold-plated TRS stereo plug. Included Zen 4 accessories:
  • Detachable gold-plated 2-pin cable
  • ADEL S1 Module (Standard InEarz Zen Module)
  • 3x Pairs of Silicone Tips (S/M/L)
  • 3x Pairs of Foam Tips (S/M/L)
  • Leather Cord Keeper
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Hard Aluminum Storage Case
  • Soft Canvas Carry Case
  • InEarz Audio Sticker
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