InEarZ Custom Musician Monitor Earphones

InEarZ™ Custom Professional Musician Monitor earphones are not just beautiful with magnificent sound, but because they are still a boutique brand that is not widely known, InEarZ™ offers top quality monitors at an uncommonly low price.

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InEarZ™ offers six models, beginning with the IE150 with single balanced armature drivers, all the way up to the IE850 professional model with a staggering Eight drivers in each ear!

Below you will find a detailed summary of all the models in the InEarZ™ lineup, followed by individual listings that give details on each model, including pricing and a link to choose your options and place your order. Questions? Drop us an email at . Whether you are a professional musician just starting out on a budget, a seasoned veteran of the rock wars with all the money you need, or a serious music lover looking for a no-compromise set of in-ear monitor earphones, we invite you to explore this exciting new entry into the field of professional music monitors, for the simple pleasure of music the way you crave to hear it, and at amazing prices!
InEarZ™ Professional Series Custom Musician Monitors

Six Professional Models

The InEarZ™ professional series includes six models. All models include the features and options below, with the primary difference being the number of drivers in each ear. Obviously the more drivers in each ear, the better the sound quality will be since each driver can be selected to perform a more specialized job, yielding better sound overall. Each InEarZ™ model is carefully designed to provide the cleanest, clearest sound possible, given the number of drivers and their specific configuration. The objective in every InEarZ™ model is to produce accurate mids and highs as well as rich and powerful bass when the music calls for it.

InEarZ™ Professional Model Optional Add-On Features (Additional Charges Apply):

  • Add rush processing service to reduce the total time required by as much as 2-3 weeks
  • Add decorative face plates to earpieces for stunning effects
  • Add glitter or pearl powder to earpieces for just the sparkle you want
  • Add recessed sockets to better protect attachment points on the earpieces
  • Add ambient vents with multiple ports that let you choose the amount of ambient sound you let in along with your monitor feed

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