Westone True-Fit™ Tips for Universal In-Ear Monitors and Earphones (1 Pair)

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Westone True-Fit™ Tips are premium foam replacement tips that provide an intelligent new way to get a great fit from your in-ear monitors, earphones, and earbuds. These tips fit any standard 2.5mm earphone stem. Westone used data gathered from over 15 million anatomical 3D scans of the human ear to create five very different sizes of ear tips to fit your unique ears:

Each of these five types of True-Fit™ Tips -- color coded as orange, red, black, blue, and green -- has a distinct profile, offering a unique combination of length and diameter. That makes Westone True-Fit™ Tips perfect for anyone seeking the best fit possible from an off-the-shelf (aka "universal fit") earphone tip. These foam earphone tips are as close as you can get to a true custom fit without actually moving up to professional lab custom molds for your earphones (which are significantly more expensive!).

True-Fit™ Tips are made to the exacting, high-quality standards you expect from an industry leader such as Westone. These foam tips are made of plush, medium-recovery foam that strikes a great balance between quick and easy insertion and long-term comfort. Another feature that sets these foam earphone tips apart from the rest is that each ear tip has a smooth surface and a rounded ergonomic shape to maximize comfort and reduce ear fatigue. With their smooth design and high-quality foam, True-Fit™ tips can help keep your earphones in place securely and comfortably, and with a good acoustic seal so you can experience the very best sound quality your earphones or in-ear monitors have to offer.

This high-quality construction, paired with 5 distinct and intelligent size profiles to choose from, makes Westone True-Fit™ Tips one of the very best choices available for replacing your earphone tips, providing the benefits of an affordable near-custom fit and making your earphones or in-ear monitors comfortable enough for serious all-day wear. If you prefer a silicone tip over a foam tip, see Westone's STAR Tips™ here.

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