Westone MMCX Round Connector Replacement Cables

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Westone replacement cables are available for all Westone products with removable cables. On this page, you can order round MMCX cables.
However, if you need a 2-Pin cable, please visit this page. Westone has completed a transition to all round MMCX cable connectors and you can order the model you need for your specific Westone monitors or in-ear earphones. Please note that all of the Westone model cables will work with all models of Westone monitors and in-ear earphones, provided they have the matching connectors (either 2-Pin or MMCX round connectors.) Each series of earphones is originally shipped with a particular model of cable so if you prefer the cable you originally had, order the replacement cable designated for that series. When ordering a Westone replacement cable, though, keep in mind that you can upgrade by choosing a cable with iPhone or Android controls, different color, different length, round cable, twisted cable or ultra-thin wires.

All these Westone replacement cables include a memory wire section at the earpiece to let you bend the wire to fit precisely around your ears as you prefer, a 90 degree 3.5mm standard stereo plug (except for the special Astell & Kern balanced cable which has a 2.5mm plug), flexible cables that minimize microphonic noise and the Westone proprietary round MMCX connectors.

Westone W Series Cables with Round MMCX Connectors are 52" length, standard black, with the option to add MFI iPhone controls with an inline mic, or Android controls with an inline mic. The cables with controls are round, and the cable without controls has twisted wires.

Westone Adventure Series Cable with Round MMCX Connectors is available in a 52" length, highly reflective cable, with MFI iPhone controls with an inline mic.

Westone ES/UM Pro Series Cables with Round MMCX Connectors are available in a 52" length in black, clear or beige and a 64" length in black or clear. Both have twisted wires.

Westone Proprietary Ultra Thin Cable with Round MMCX Connectors are produced by Linum® in the UK and feature an ultra thin, feather weight profile and silver plated copper conductors. Expensive, of course, but the ultimate in cool!

Westone Ultra Thin Balanced Cable with Round MMCX Connectors is designed with a 2.5mm TRRC connector specifically made to work with Astell & Kern AK100II, AK120II, and AK240 monitors only!

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