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Westone A.C. Earmold and ITE Cleaner

Item Code: aweearmldcleaner-000
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Use this cleaning solution on your earmolds, earpieces, hearing aids, and other custom molded in-the-ear (ITE) items including - Hearing aids
Custom molded ear plugs
Custom earphone earmolds
In-ear musician monitors
Reusable ear plugs
Assistive listening devices
...and more! With a simple spritz and wipe, you can clean, disinfect, and deodorize your earmolds, hearing aids, and other in-the-ear devices. Simply spray this cleaner onto your earmolds and wipe dry. NOTE: For hearing aids, earphones, and any other ITE items with electronic components, spray this solution onto a soft tissue or cloth first, and then use the cloth to wipe down your hearing aids or earpieces. Never spray cleaning solutions directly onto hearing aids. Do not fully immerse hearing aids or earmolds in this solution - a quick spray will do the job. Keep out of reach of children. 2 fl oz spray bottle.