Westone DefendEar DX5 Neckloop (for Digital X5 Only) 64113

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Enable Your DefendEar DX5's Wireless Communications The DefendEar DX5 Neckloop allows you to add two-way communications when using the Wireless Communications Mode of the DefendEar Digital DX5. This optional accessory serves to connect the DefendEar DX5 with your own radio, so you can take advantage of clear two-way communications and ambient listening to safe sounds at the same time. Now you can communicate and maintain situational awareness while remaining protected from hazardous blast noise. The neckloop is simple to wear, and works best when it is placed under your outer garments (so it's ideally worn over your shirt but under your coat, etc). The loop plugs into virtually any radio socket, and then works by taking that radio signal and transmitting it wirelessly to the DefendEar earpieces themselves. Meanwhile the DX5's internal mic keeps you tuned in to your surroundings, and the earpieces protect against dangerous gun blast noise. Features a small, handy PTT (push-to-talk) button which allows you to switch the radio to transmit, allowing you to transmit speech via the built-in lapel mic. Tap the button to easily toggle transmission. Also features an anti-choke quick release for improved personal safety in challenging environments. Note that the neckloop is only equipped with a jack plug; check your radio, as you may require a jack adapter (not included). Includes the wireless neckloop, lapel microphone, PTT switch and clip, and user manual. Technical Specifications
  • Impedence: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 106dB
  • PN: 64113
For use only with the DefendEar DX5 only. Neckloop does not work with other models. DefendEar DX5 not included. See Also
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