Westone DefendEar Digital Shooter Universal-Fit Electronic Shooting and Hunting Earplugs (One Pair)

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Digital Shooter brings the benefits of a high-end custom molded electronic shooting earplug to you in a zero-hassle universal-fit pair of earplugs. No need for ear impressions or custom molding. Just unbox and go. DefendEar Digital Shooter is ready when you are. With a universal fit, noise blocking, and high-quality Westone sound amplification and craftsmanship, DefendEar Digital Shooter is ideal for hunting and shooting sports. Digital Shooter provides 30dB of noise blocking. That NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) is enough to keep your ears safe through repeated, damaging blast noises. That means Digital Shooter has you covered at the range, where you'll be expending a lot of rounds in a short period of time, as well as on the hunt. Speaking of hunting, Digital Shooter lets you hear game sounds better than you could without these earplugs in! Three amplification levels let you choose how much you would like safe sounds to be boosted straight into your ears. A top-end amplification level of up to 86dB will let you pick out your prey creeping through the underbrush while you also maintain excellent situational awareness. The cherry on top: wind noise reduction will let you really hone in on the sounds that matter, without interference, while you stay protected from the noises that pose a hazard to your hearing. DefendEar Digital Shooter transitions smoothly from hunting to range shooting. Situational awareness becomes a huge key safety feature when you're around other shooters. With Digital Shooter you can hear voices and range commands clearly without needing to remove your earplugs. That means range shooting won't punish your ears or damage your hearing, and you'll still be able to easily and quickly tell what's going on around you, too. No more bulky, uncomfortable earmuffs. DefendEar Digital Shooter offers the strengths of electronic shooting earmuffs in a hunter's hearing aid style package -- and unlike many other in-ear tactical hearing protectors, no time intensive custom molding process is required. So these babies will show up on your doorstep in no time: sleek, powerful, and ready to use right away (batteries included). Digital Shooter earplugs aren't just awesomely effective; they are comfortable, too. If you've worn hearing protection seriously before, you know how important that comfort factor is. These electronic earplugs provide the same core features as electronic shooter's earmuffs (noise reduction and safe sound amplification) in a low-profile design that enhances comfort and imposes no gun mount interference. They're also lightweight, putting zero strain on your neck and shoulders. Now, similar electronic earplugs for hunters/shooters tend to require a full custom-molded fit. And there's no denying the amazing benefits of top-of-the-line custom molded shooting earplugs. But Digital Shooter is a universal-fit electronic earplug, which brings its own benefits. First, it costs less than the custom version. It blocks noise, provides sound amplification, and enhances situational awareness, just like custom earplugs do. And their in-ear design is still comfortable, low profile, and effective. Also, with our lightning-fast shipping, you won't have to wait for weeks to get your shiny new electronic shooting earplugs. Digital Shooter Features:
  • NRR 30 protection from blast noise
  • 3 Levels of safe sound amplification
  • Up to 86dB of powerful sound amplification
  • Top notch Westone sound quality
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Universal fit - no custom molding needed
  • Low profile fit; no gun mount interference
  • Slim price tag versus custom electronic earplugs
  • Battery type: Size 10 (included)
  • Battery Life: ~150 hours
Digital Shooter - What's in the Box:
  • DefendEar Digital Universal-fit Earpieces (L & R)
  • 2 Spare wax guards
  • Cleaning brush w/ battery removal magnet
  • 6 Size 10 Batteries included
  • 5 Pairs of reusable foam eartips
  • Handy zip pouch storage case
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