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TellyPhones let you watch TV while your partner sleeps on, undisturbed.
*FREE Priority Mail Shipping available now -- limited time only. Now you can watch -- and actually listen to -- your favorite late-night shows guilt-free with these comfortable, light-weight headphones. With their gentle fit and their 13 hour charge, you can use TellyPhones to watch movies or TV until you fall asleep; the headband-embedded headphones are so comfortable, you can sleep while wearing them. After all, TellyPhones come from the makers of SleepPhones: the headphones invented to wear while you drift off to sleep! Color & Fabric Options
TellyPhones are available in five different colors, and two different fabrics. Midnight Black, Quiet Lavender, and Soft Gray are all made of super soft fleece fabric that wicks sweat away during the night. Galaxy Blue and Sunset Pink, on the other hand, are both made of soft breeze fabric that is much lighter-weight -- designed for sleeping comfortably in warmer weather. All colors come in sizes medium (highly recommended for most people), extra small, and extra large. Supreme Comfort
TellyPhones are composed of a cozy headband with ultra-thin speakers inside. The speakers lay virtually flat against your ears, while the plush headband swaddles your ears and head in softness. TellyPhones are very lightweight, creating no neck fatigue and offering a low profile fit with no earcups to get in the way. And the wireless design also means there are no cords to get tangled up in, so you can move around freely while you watch TV or sleep, no problem. The headband wicks sweat away, and it is machine washable (just remove the speakers first). Compatibility
TellyPhones are designed to work with all your TV viewing devices. A Bluetooth® transmitter is included to wirelessly connect your TV to your TellyPhones. The transmitter plugs into the TV's audio port with the included RCA cable for quick and easy setup. USB and 3.5mm audio cables are both also included, so you can plug in to phones, audio players, computers, tablets, or almost any other audio device. TellyPhones are rechargeable: 13 hours of listening from a three hour charge (AC adapter included). TellyPhones come with your choice of a US, UK, or EU wall plug for charging. All the accessories you need are included. You May Also Like
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