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All Sensear headsets incorporate the unique and powerful SENS™ technology. Using a proprietary algorithm, SENS™ automatically differentiates between dangerous noise and human speech, enhancing the speech so you hear clearly, while suppressing the noise. The result is an incredibly clear face to face communications capability in high noise environments up to 95 dB. When wearing a Sensear SmartMuff or SmartPlug headset, you will not feel the need to remove your protection to try and understand what someone is saying, or what is coming across the loudspeaker system. Sensear headsets are all volume limited to a maximum of 82 dB at the ear inside the headset, making them a good choice for use in OSHA and MSHA regulated workplaces. Sensear also offers a variety of Intrinsically Safe certified models for use in explosive environments. Whatever communications method you need, Sensear has a model for you, including face to face in high noise, two-way using a wired connection to your exisiting radios, two-way using a built in two way FM radio (up to 50 meter range,) and/or cell phone via wireless bluetooth connectivity. Many Sensear headset models are now programmable, making the allocation and selection of radio channels your teams use, simple and intuitive. Sensear headsets are rechargeable, comfortable and ergonomic. The controls feature ghost voices that tell you what is happening right in your ears, while you change settings, so you never need to remove your protection to make settings adjustments. Sensear understands that you need a variety of styles and that you may already have a large investment in two way radios, so Sensear headsets are available in headband, neckband and hardhat styles, and connecting cables are available for virtually any existing two way radio (some may have to be special built.) We understand that your communications needs can be challenging. If you do not find the perfect Sensear headset below, give us a chance to help. Email us at , or give us a call during working hours and we will do our best to help you solve your challenging communications problem: 918-478-5500. See and Order Sensear Products Below: