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Rifleman ACH Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Muffs (NRR 21)

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Rifleman ACH Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Muffs are one of the first hearing protectors to bring the benefits of electronic shooting ear muffs to shooters and hunters on a budget. With their affordable price tag, Rifleman ACH Ear Muffs are ideal for casual hunting and shooting enthusiasts, or for anyone interested in just starting out with electronic shooting hearing protection.

The Rifleman ACH also has many attractive features any hunter/shooter will appreciate. The ACH is feather-light, weighing in at just under 9 ounces, making these ear muffs comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time. These shooter's ear muffs also have slim ear cups and an adjustable headband, so you can wear this hearing protector under virtually any cap, hat, or helmet -- and the Rifleman ACH is easy to store and transport, too. Like other electronic shooting ear muffs, the Rifleman ACH provides amplification of low-volume ambient sounds such as quiet voices or game sound, as well as providing NRR 21 protection from gunshot noises.

Designed with firearms shooting and tactical professionals in mind, and with its slim-and-light profile and equally light-weight price tag, the ACH is an excellent choice for any shooter or hunter looking for economically-priced electronic shooting hearing protection.

Rifleman ACH Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Muffs Features:

  • Feather-light design, weighing less than 9 ounces
  • Low-profile fit, ideal for wear under hats and helmets
  • Amplifies low-volume ambient sounds while protecting from gunshot noises
  • Includes 3.5mm audio input jacks for radios, cd or mp3 players
  • Independent electronics in each ear cup
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries per ear (not included)
  • NRR 21

UPC: 7 5171050135 5

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