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ReadyMax PlugsPockets Retractors for Safety Vests with PermaPlug Ear Plugs (NRR 27) (Case of 24 Pairs)

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ReadyMax™ PlugsPockets: Protected Retracting Ear Plugs for Your Safety Vests and Hard Hats ReadyMax PlugsPockets Retractors allow you to add hearing protection ear plugs to your safety vest or hard hat. PlugsPockets are ear plug retractors housed inside durable, protective pockets, for convenient all-day access to ear plugs that stay clean and readily at hand. ReadyMax PlugsPockets installation is instant: simply peel and stick the 3M adhesive tape to attach your PlugsPockets to your vest or hard hat. The retractors keep your ear plugs tethered and "on board" at all times, while the pockets provide your plugs with extra protection while they're retracted and stowed. The pockets themselves are reflective, making them an ideal addition to your safety vest, and durable enough to last through the lifetime of your existing gear. PlugsPockets are dielectric for safe use in challenging, hazardous work environments. The retractors in PlugsPockets operate with a simple but clever push-button mechanism. Each ear plug is attached to a retractor via a tether that can extend up to 15". When extended, the tether positively locks, keeping your ear plugs safely and comfortably where you want them. The tethers are long enough to ensure you can move and rotate your head freely. When you finish with your hearing protection, simply hit the retractor push button and a strong, coiled spring will pull the tether in, tugging the plugs safely back into the protective PlugsPockets. The included PermaPlugs provide NRR 27 (SNR 34) protection from sound, which is enough noise-blocking for a wide array of industrial, construction, and other hazardously-noisy applications. PermaPlugs are reusable, and may be washed in warm, soapy water every few uses to keep them clean, safe, and effective for a long time. Can be replaced once they're eventually too worn to keep using; recyclable. Includes 24 pairs of PlugsPockets Retractors. UPC 8949210 03871 ReadyMax RipCord Retractors vs ReadyMax PlugsPockets We offer two ReadyMax retractors: RipCord Retractors, which have no pockets and are a little better-suited for hard hats, and PlugsPockets Retractors, which include retractors inside reflective pockets, designed to be ideal for safety vests. Both types of ReadyMax Retractors adhere easily via strong 3M adhesive, and both can be attached to a wide variety of PPE. See Also