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ReadyMax SoundShield Pro Series EVA Foam Gasket

Item Code: apsevagasker00ea-000
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Order in even dozens for the quickest delivery! Transform ReadyMax SoundShield Pro Series Safety Glasses into a set of professional safety goggles with this durable foam gasket. (Glasses not included.) The gasket is a premium quality EVA foam accessory that clips onto SoundShield Pro Series Safety Glasses (previously known as the SoundShield Fashion Series) to instantly transform them into eye protection appropriate for the harshest work environments. Whether you're dealing with dust, grit, sand, wood chips, or other flying debris, ReadyMax SoundShield Pro Series Safety Glasses with this foam gasket are ready to stand up to the punishment -- so your eyes don't have to. The gasket is clip-on, custom moded, and fully removable for easy conversion from safety glasses to protective goggles, and back again. The foam is carefully vented to prevent heat and moisture from getting trapped inside and fogging up the goggles. The gasket can be removed and cleaned with a little gentle soap and water so it can be reused many times, making this accessory a great item to keep with your safety glasses, whether you're on the job or at your home workshop. Learn more about ReadyMax SoundShield Pro Series Safety Glasses here. You May Also Like