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E-A-R Push-Ins No-Roll Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 28)

Push-Ins No-Roll Foam Ear Plugs from E-A-R provide great protection, in a comfortable and highly hygenic design. At an NRR of 28dB, E-A-R Push-Ins are appropriate for most applications, providing protection from dangerous volumes without completely blocking all sound. E-A-R Push-In Foam Ear Plugs are specially designed, with a soft yellow foam tip fitted to a blue, high-visibility flex stem for easy insertion and removal. No-Roll plugs feature a central stem that lets you simply push the plugs into your ears with no need to roll the foam before insertion. As a result, these plugs are simple and easy to use, and more hygienic because you never have to touch the foam with your fingers. See Also