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Pro Ears Stealth 28 Electronic Hearing Protection & Amplification Digital Ear Buds (NRR 28)

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Pro Ears Stealth 28 Electronic Hearing Protector & Amplifier Features:
  • Ultra lightweight temple-hugging design is sleek and effective
  • Hearing protection meets hearing enhancement for hunting/shooting
  • Up to 5x amplification of safe sounds - hear better!
  • Ultra light weight for extended hours of use
  • Behind-the-head band won't interfere with hats/helmets
  • Rapid charge with up to 18 hours of battery life
  • NRR 28 hearing protection
Pro Ears Stealth 28 - Smart, Sleek Noise Protection & Amplification Pro Ears Stealth 28 is an electronic hearing protection and amplification device featuring a set of digital earbuds fixed to a behind-the-head band. The Stealth 28 provides all the features of high-end shooting muffs, but in a much more compact design. The band design is sleek and simple to wear, with a temple-hugging shape that keeps the Stealth 28 gently but firmly in place while you move. The Stealth 28 stays out of the way of hats and combat helmets so you can protect and enhance your hearing unencumbered. Weighing in at a mere 1.3 ounces, the Stealth 28 is also ultra lightweight, so your hearing protection and enhancement gear will never slow you down. Stealth 28: Sound Compression & Amplification The Stealth 28 features up to 5x sound amplification of safe sounds. That means you can hear voices, footsteps, and prey sounds far better with these earbuds in your ears than you could with your naked ears alone. When a hazardous noise such as a gunshot occurs, the Advanced Compression Technology responds immediately to shut off the amplification and block out noise. The Stealth 28 is perfect for wearing at the range or in the field, protecting your hearing from long sessions of intermittent blast noise. With NRR 28 protection from noise, the Stealth 28 is suitable for a wide range of applications, from hunting, to range shooting, to use in the field. If your range muffs get in the way, this is a better way to get the electronic hearing amplification you need. Or think outside the box and consider the Stealth 28 for hearing safety on the job site, or at home in your own garage or wood shop. The same advanced electronic protection you use to protect your hearing while hunting can also work wonders to protect your ears at home or work. Pro Ears Stealth 28: More Details The Stealth 28 is rechargeable via USB, requiring only about an hour for the rapid re-charge feature to replenish its batteries. On a full charge, the Stealth 28 can operate continuously for up to 18 hours. The ear buds are extremely soft and easy to wear, designed to keep your ears safe and comfortable during extended wear. Three sets of earbud tips are included, so you can be sure to get the size you need for a secure fit and a great seal against noise. Comes with one year warranty. UPC# 7 5171050753 1 See Also