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Pro Ears Silver 22 Electronic Ear Muffs (NRR 22)

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Pro Ears Silver 22 provides 5x amplification of safe sounds. That means you can hear better with the ear muffs on than you could with your naked ears. High quality external microphones on the ear muffs make this possible. These extremely sensitive stereo microphones are carefully placed for optimized directional hearing. With these stereo microphones enabling truly excellent 360-degree situational awareness, you can stay in touch with everything that's happening around you. And that awareness means you stay significantly safer at the range, in the field, or on the job. Pro Ears Silver 22 Ear Muffs were made for protecting hunters from noise-induced hearing damage. So don't worry about loud noises - as with all modern hunting and shooting ear muffs, the sound amplification will not reproduce hazardously loud noises at a dangerous volume. The internal volume is limited to 82dB to prevent hearing damage. So when a dangerously loud noise such as a gunshot occurs, the passive NRR 22 noise blocking of the earmuffs protects your ears from blast and impulse noises. Pro Ears Silver 22 Ear Muffs are comfortable and designed to perform under pressure. Each ear cup is fitted with gel ear seals with a proprietary design that can stand up to heat and cold for an effective and comfortable fit, even after hours of extended wear. The ear cups are low profile with a slim design and a cut out for easy shoulder mounting. The cut out is leather, to enable quiet shoulder mounting and to help prevent stock damage or wear. The earmuffs weigh in at just 1.3oz, which is light enough to prevent neck fatigue and ensure good freedom of movement. The controls on the Pro Ears Silver 22 are very simple, with a single roller for power and volume that you can operate easily even while wearing gloves. Requires two (2) AAA batteries (not included). Comes with free belt clip and carry bag. The ear muffs themselves fold up for compact storage and easy transport. Comes with a three year warranty. See Also