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Pro-Ears ReVO Premium Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Muffs for Children (NRR 25)

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ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs from Pro-Ears are one of the most innovative, well-designed, and feature-rich child ear muffs on the market today. With all the high-quality features you've come to expect from electronic ear muff industry leader Pro-Ears, and based on the superb child-sized design and fit of the enormously popular ReVO passive ear muffs, ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs are perfect for protecting your child's hearing at times when situational awareness is important. ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs not only protect against dangerously loud noises, but they also allow clear hearing of everything going on nearby -- at a safe volume. Especially when it comes to providing essential hunting and shooting hearing protection for kids, ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs simply can't be beat. Try Electronic ReVO Ear Muffs at the shooting range and while hunting, or at live concerts, festivals, and motor races!

With electronic ReVO's, your child will be well defended from dangerous noises with NRR 26 hearing protection, but he or she will still be able to clearly hear your voice. Passive (non-electronic) ear muffs do an excellent job of blocking out dangerous noises, but they also block out safe sounds like voices, traffic, and game sound. The result is effective hearing protection, but diminished awareness of what's going on around you. And while that's fine for most general noise protection needs, in hazardous settings this diminished awareness can present a safety risk. Electronic ear muffs solve this problem. Microphones on the ear cups "listen" to ambient noises and play back that safe sound via speakers inside each ear cup, actually amplifying hard-to-hear sounds so you can hear better with the ear muffs on! And when the volume reaches a dangerous level, or when a sudden impact noise such as a gunshot occurs, the sound amplification shuts down nearly instantly (mere milliseconds) so the ear muffs can provide their full NRR 25 protection. Electronic ear muffs provide the best of both worlds: hear clearly and protect your hearing at the same time. This makes ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs a truly superior safety solution for kids, especially compared to other child ear muffs (all of which are, at this time, passive and non-electronic).

Serious Comfort for Kids. ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs were designed from the ground up as a child hearing protector, and these premium ear muffs are loaded with the very best comfort and fit-enhancing features you can get in an ear muff for children. Super-sized ProForm™ leather ear cushions ensure a good seal against noise while also making electronic ReVO ear muffs comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. A nice, thickly-padded headband ensures the ear muffs feel soft and comfortable at every point of contact, and the special design of the ReVO includes a tighter headband radius engineered to fit children snugly, without slipping. Unlike other child ear muffs -- which are sometimes just downsized versions of adult ear muffs -- ReVO really was created for kids... and the result is the highest quality child hearing protection ear muff available anywhere.

Don't forget the colors! ReVO Electronic Ear Muffs come in four awesome colors/styles: zombie, skulls, pink rain, and neon green. Not only are ReVO's the highest quality child hearing protection available, but they also look really cool.

Pro-Ears ReVO Premium Electronic Ear Muffs for Children Features:

  • Rugged construction with no metal parts to scratch, break, or become swallowing hazards
  • Super comfortable design with flexible padded headband and extra-plush leather ear cushions
  • Smart engineering for children, including tighter radius headband and additional comfort padding
  • No-tools-needed adjustable headband that's simple to use and stays put for reliable fit and protection
  • Pro-Ears quality amplification of safe ambient sounds for good situational awareness
  • Requires 4 N size 1.5v batteries (not included)
  • 4 Cool color/style options kids will love
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Fits children to small adults
  • NRR 25
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
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