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Pro Ears Gold II 30 Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs (NRR 30)

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Sound Amplification + Hearing Protection for Hunters and Shooters Pro Ears Gold II 30 Ear Muffs for hunters and shooters amplifies safe sounds up to 8x, while providing protection from blast noise. When a loud noise occurs, these electronic ear muffs respond with a slim 1.5 millisecond response time to protect your hearing, allowing the full NRR 30 hearing protection to defend your ears. You will be able to hear better while wearing these ear muffs than you could with your naked ears alone, giving you the auditory advantage. Pro Ears Gold II muffs are designed to meet the demands of hunters and shooters. High Fidelity Sound Amplification up to 8x These ear muffs "listen" to your surroundings and play back ambient noises with high fidelity sound quality. When a hazardously loud noise occurs, such as a gunshot, DLSC compression technology kicks in. Thanks to this proprietary sound compression, the safe sounds you're hearing remain smooth and audible while shooting. With Pro Ears Gold, you can hear everything going on around you with no dead spots or interruptions. Further enhancing this auditory advantage, separate volume controls on each ear cup allow you to adjust your volume settings to suit your hearing preferences. And with microphones located on each ear cup, your directional hearing is preserved. With Pro Ears, you can protect your hearing and still maintain excellent situational awareness. Durable Construction + Extended Comfort Pro Ears Gold II 30 is well-made, durable, and comfortable. The ear cups are fitted with Pro Ears' proprietary gel ear pads, which provide great comfort during extended wear. The ear cups are deep, providing an excellent NRR 30 protection from noise. These muffs feature rugged construction, right down to their military grade circuit boards. And those gel ear seals stand up to long periods of use, even in the heat or cold. With their tough construction, advanced sound compression, high fidelity audio amplification, and high NRR, Pro Ears Gold II 30 Earmuffs are ideal for indoor and outdoor range shooting. Other features include an auto shut off function that helps extend battery life. Requires four AAA batteries (not included). Comes with 5-year manufacturer's warranty. Pro Ears Gold II 26 vs Pro Ears Gold II 30 Both of these Gold II ear muff models feature the same 8x sound amplification, uninterrupted audio, and durable construction. The difference between these two electronic shooting ear muffs is that the Gold II 26 features low profile ear cups and NRR 26 noise protection, while the Gold II 30 has deeper, bulkier ear cups that provide better protection at NRR 30. See Also