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Pro Ears Stalker Gold Electronic Hunter's Ear Muffs (NRR 25)

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Pro Ears Stalker Gold - the Ear Muff Hunters Demand Most! Pro Ears Stalker Gold Electronic Sport Shooter's Ear Muffs from Altus Brands provide all the same features as in the top of the line Pro Mag Gold model, but in a smaller, lighter-weight, chop-side design that is ideal for long gun hunting and practice. Stalker Gold is identical to the Sporting Clay, except that Stalker electronics are already preset for the best hearing in hunting situations. Like all the ear muffs in the Pro Ears Gold family, the Stalker Gold provides up to 8x amplification of safe sounds so you can maintain your situational awareness while protecting your hearing. Get the best - go for Pro Ears Gold. Top Quality Sound Amplification Pro Ears Stalker Gold ear muffs let you hear everything going around you better and more clearly than you could without the ear muffs on! Stalker provides up to 8x amplification of safe sounds, including prey sound and voices. Maintain your full directional situational awareness and get an edge up on your prey with Stalker Gold. Stalker's sound amplification is superior to the competition. There are two methods of producing amplified sound. Analog sound systems produce purer, more faithful sound; on the other hand, digital systems can correct to provide clearer sound amplification. With Stalker Gold, you don't have to choose - it delivers the best of both digital and analog sound systems. This technology is only available from the Pro Ears Gold line of top-quality electronic hearing protectors. The result is natural hearing that is accurate and directional, so you stay in touch with your surroundings. The sound amplification gain arrives preset so that you'll be able to hear the most subtle sounds at the greatest distance. Pro Ears Stalker Gold - Double Down Most electronic ear muffs are controlled by a single circuit board. This saves a little weight, and it makes the ear muffs cheaper, but it requires a wire to run from one earcup to the other. It's also more vulnerable to the elements and wear and tear: after one more bad drop, the circuit board could become damaged - and if that happens, the whole system goes black. Pro Ears Gold doubles down on quality by installing not one, but two military-grade circuit boards, one in each earcup. Double the circuit boards equals enhanced sound quality and improved durability. No wires will tangle you up or get in your way, and if one circuit board goes out, you're still up and running. Bring it on, nature. Stalker won't quit until you do. Ear Muffs You'll Actually Want to Wear People who have trouble wearing ear muffs for extended periods of time usually have problems: sound quality, and comfort. As for the first, Pro Ears Gold provides top-notch directional sound, so you won't get that disconnected, "muffled" feeling when you wear them. In fact, you'll be more in touch with your environment than ever. And Stalker Gold also has comfort completely covered. The headband is thickly padded, so it won't hurt the top of your head. The clamping force of these ear muffs has been carefully tuned to provide the excellent seal around the ear that you need for effective hearing protection - but "the squeeze" is offset by how soft the ear cups are. They're fitted with a combination of visco-elastic foams and Pro Form™ leather. The result is an ear muff that doesn't overheat, doesn't cut you off from the world, and does stay comfortable after hours of wear. Continuous Diagnostics, Audible Alerts The last thing you need when you're hunting is to worry about your hearing protection. That's why Stalker Gold has a special 8-bit processor that continually runs system diagnostics. An LED light is there to tell you everything is working right at a glance. An audible low battery alert sound will let you know when you need to switch batteries, so you can track your prey - not your battery usage. And the auto shut-off feature automatically preserves battery life between use, so you can be ready to go at a moment's notice. Stalker Gold Features and Specifications
  • NRR 25 - Excellent noise protection rating suitable for use with all but the largest caliber firearms.
  • Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology - Lets you hear everything, but compressed into a single safe volume level.
  • 1.5 millisecond attack time - Fastest reaction time in its class means you are protected instantly from loud sounds.
  • 10.0 ounce weight - Very light weight for extended wear in comfort.
  • Uses N size batteries - These compact and powerful batteries give a 200 hour battery life.
  • Audible low battery indicator - Helps avoid trips to the field with dead batteries.
  • Automatic shutoff - Preserves batteries even if you forget to turn off your headset.
  • Separate microphone and speaker setup in each ear cup - Lets you compensate for mild hearing loss in one ear, and gives you stereo sound for superb left/right directionality of sound.
  • Automatic volume limiter at 82 dB, with gain preset to optimize hearing during hunting- This insures that you can always hear everything around you at a comfortable sound level. Lower sounds are amplified up to 8x, and louder sounds are reduced.
  • Solid state digital circuitry - Reliable, impact resistant and feature-packed for professional level performance.
  • Self-Diagnostic circuits - All circuits are automatically tested each time you turn on the headset. Indicator light lets you know your Stalker Gold Headset is working properly before you are exposed to dangerous sound.
  • Pro Form Leather Ear Muff pads and padded headband - Means "no sweat" comfort even in extended wear.
  • Optional neckband and hard hat mounts available - Maximize the places you can use your Stalker Headset: At the range, in the field, at work, around the shop.
  • Chop side profile with felt pad to protect your gun stock.
  • External input jack with patch cable included - Mix the sound from your ipod, scanner or two-way radio (receive only) with ambient sound right in your headset.
  • 5 Year Warranty!
  • Made in the USA
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