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Pro Ears Pro 200 Electronic Sport Shooter's Ear Muffs (NRR 19)

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Pro Ears Pro 200 Electronic Sport Shooter's Ear Muffs give you Pro Ears made in USA quality, with great features, and at a great price. New Colors! Now available in Highlander, Max 5 Camo, Purple, Purple Rain, Purple Zebra, and Typhon colors. All new colors are also available in a BTH (Behind-the-Head) style, as well. Features and Specifications:
  • NRR 19 - Good noise protection rating suitable for use with small bore handguns and rifles.
  • Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology - Lets you hear everything, but compressed into a single safe volume level.
  • 5.5 millisecond attack time - Very fast reaction time means you are protected instantly from loud sounds.
  • 7.6 ounce weight - Very light weight for extended wear in comfort.
  • Uses N size batteries - These compact and powerful batteries give a 200 hour battery life.
  • Separate microphone and speaker in each ear cup - gives you stereo sound for good left/right directionality of sound.
  • Preset 15 dB gain - This helps you hear quiet sounds around you, while louder sounds are reduced in volume.
  • Solid state analog circuitry - Reliable and impact resistant.
  • Slim line foldable design - Makes the P200 a great choice for the hunter.
  • 3 Year Warranty!
  • Made in the USA
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